heathsteelebridge Photo: Heath Steele Bridge

Description: Down river from the Heath Steele Bridge, the Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail follows the River on the south side. The proposed changes to the location of the trail would have the Trail cross the bridge and follow the River on the North side to Popple Depot. The bridge was built in 1962 so as to join the Wedge Mine with the Heath Steele Mine. This road now is part of the New Brunswick Highway system and is known as a Local Highway # 430

Photo provided by Rod O’Connell October, 2005

Sunrise at the Mouth of 44 Photo: Sunrise at the Mouth of Forty-Four Mile Brook

Description: At the mouth of the Forty-Four Mile Brook, which empties in the Nepisiguit River, there is easy access to launch canoes. At present, the only thing left of the Forty-four picnic site is an outdoor toilet with no door. The name “Forty-four” is based on the milage of the Brook from the Mouth of the Nepisiguit River.

Photo provided by Rod O’Connell October, 2005

Bridge at 44 Photo: The Forty-Four Mile Brook Bridge

Description: To cross the Forty-Four Mile Brook, it is a short distance to the bridge on the River Road from the trail. Once across the bridge, there is a small trail that follows the Brook back to the Nepisiguit River. It was on the “44”, north of Three-Corner Lake, that the famed Lazare Roussel had a logging camp in the early 1900s. Roussel was known as a legendary woodsman, a great hunter and expert canoeman. In 1922, he became Chief of Police for Bathurst and was known for his ability to keep the peace as well as outstanding detective.

Photo provided by Rod O’Connell October, 2005


Buck FallsPhoto: Karl Branch with Nicholas Guitard (taking photo of “above Buck Falls”) at Buck Falls.  To see Nicholas Guitard photos of Buck Falls and Indian Falls go to:

Description: An interesting side trail along the Forty-Four Mile Brook is the trail that follows the Brook on the east side (right hand side going up the brook). The trail to the Falls is approximately 1.2 km from the bridge and can be done in one hour or take a lunch and enjoy the day. A great trail for family hiking with features such as the Big Cedar, large rock outcrops and the beautiful Buck Falls


 Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail Section #4

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