MI’GMAQ TRAIL from the old pumphouse site in Roughwaters (Gloucester Junction) to Middle Landing. (20km)

0 km – Pumphouse (Roughwaters-Green Belt Lane)

1 km – Cross the Green Belt lane.


3 km – Cross the railroad. Be on the lookout for the turtles and flags to follow the river’s edge, instead of going on the gravel pit road.


4 km – You will cross a clearing under the power lines. (2 orange painted trees straight across where the trails picks up again.)


6.5 km –You will be walking on two well established trails away from the river. Be on the lookout for turtles and pink/orange flags.


7 km – Red Pine Brook. There is a temporary crossing at this brook. At low water, it is possible to cross on the rocks. For the moment this crossing is only temporary and will eventually wash out in high water conditions. We will be looking for a permanent solution to this crossing in the future.


Follow the pink ribbons. There is a rope along the climb to help the hiker. Well established trail. Orange fence blocking the access to the houses, follow the turtles in order to go around those properties. You will see wood piles. You are at the Red Brook Road. Turn right to end here at 7 km or follow through if going for 20 km.


8 km – There is a little shed with tin roof. Follow the river.


10 km – Pabineau Falls. ENJOY !!!

Photo:  – Hikers enjoying lunch at half way point, Pabineau Falls on October 18th, 2015




Lunch being transferred to the opposite side of the Falls with a zip line!


At Pabineau Falls, there is a small brook running down a steep slope. The trail crosses the brook and there are railings along the trail to help the hiker ascend this steep climb.


12.5 km – 1st  beaver pond –path through the grass on stepping stones, follow the river bank get back on the path which is safer than walking on the edge of the beaver dam.


Photo: 1st  beaver pond – .Path on between dam and river; – looking down river.


Photo (below) View on Big Meadow Island


13 km – view on Big Meadow Island. A huge Bald Eagle nest can be seen on the upriver side of the island in a White Pine tree.


14 km – wooden bridge – Please be careful while crossing this wooden bridge since it is in poor condition. Do not lean on the railings since these railings are loose and will not support any weight.

Photo (above) Hiker examining the condition of the old wooden bridge.


15 km – 2nd beaver pond – Follow through the trail.


20 km – Middle Landing – Where Highway # 360 crosses the Nepisiguit River. The trail is marked with pink-orange flags and turtles.

From the old road parallel to #360, the trail goes down the road embankment. There are old wooden steps but they are partially rotten and some steps are missing. Be careful in descending this embankment since the rocks below the steps can be very slippery when wet.


Below: descending the embankment:


Above: leaving the old road.


Along the trail keep an eye open for Observation Point # 9 Devil’s Well. It is located on the left side of the trail between the river and the trail. Also look for Point # 7 The Observation posts may be fallen on the ground and it indicates a Hemlock Stand of trees on the right side of the trail, looking downriver.


– Congratulations ! Félicitations !


Dr. Samuel Daigle briefing hikers at the parking area under the hydro line at the pumphouse road on October 18th, 2015.


If you liked your experience, please share with your friends. The trail is just going to get better if more people use it.



Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail Section #1

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